Thursday, January 2, 2014


       I've been reading books since I was five years old; my first book that I ever read by myself was a Teletubbies classic (I actually had just memorized the words because my dad had read it to me so much). After completing that wonderful piece of literature, I would pick up my mom's paperbacks and stare at them for hours, "What are you doing?" my mom would ask laughing. I would very seriously reply, "Learning words of course!"
      When I was in first grade I discovered my school's (rather small, but impressive to me) library. I couldn't believe all the choices. We were allowed to check out any of the picture books, but we had to wait until third grade to check out chapter books, or read a chapter to the librarian to prove we were ready for the big guns. Unfortunately, I was incredibly shy and had to wait two years before I could get there.
       It was quite literally a whole new world when I reached third grade. I had a book in my hand at all times, sometimes I would read two books at a time (I was teased mercilessly for that). My very first book that I completed in one day was a Mary Kate and Ashley mystery (my favorites).  I was SO proud of that, and I haven't stopped reading since.

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